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Jan 18, 2019

Welcome to Oddnormal. If you’re wondering what happened to the podcast I assure you it will be back. I’m not sure when quite yet but it’s not gone for good. I’m currently working with the format to match my original intention. My hope is to have episodes out later this year. 
But if you were a fan of the show I have done good news. Jacks and I have started a new podcast called Far Off Topic which embraces our love of tangentiality.
In most respects far Off Topic is a continuation of Oddnormal just with a few tweaks here and there for good measure. We’ve really broadened our scope to include topics and ideas that really didn’t fit with Oddnormal ethos.  But we haven’t abandoned the Strangeness. God no. Instead we’ve thrown everything together - all of our crazy interests - into an aural cauldron of discordant thoughts and ideas for your listening pleasure.
well, rather than explain it to you I’ve gone ahead and uploaded this short version of Far Off Topic for you to sample. 
Hopefully you like it and subscribe. 
Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones with Mr. Glasses
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and leave us a review, if you feel so compelled. 
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