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May 20, 2018

Along the benighted streets of San Diego's Old Town you will find what some consider to be the most haunted place in America, The Whaley House. In this episode Oddnormal attempts to do what -- many have done before -- that is, visit the Whaley House in the hopes of encountering a spirit from the Great Beyond. We're also introduced to the Oddnormal First Family: Meene Greene and Charlie Goodshoes and before the night is over, one of them will come face to face with a ghost. I'll let you guess who.

The investigators discuss various things along the way including the history of Zzyzx, Calico Ghost Town, and anarchist art collective InDecline. 

So strap yourself in for a first of it's kind experience as we venture into the bizarre. It's an Oddnormal Field Study, Charlie Goodshoes.

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